Update Chrome Components to keep Plugins Up to Date


Update Chrome Components to keep Plugins Up to Date – Almost all users prefer Google Chrome as their primary Search Engine while browsing the internet right? Did you ever think that how google chrome works more efficiently than other search engines? It is because of its plugins and the addons you use on the Google Chrome. But if you do not update the Plugins then your Chrome wouldn’t work properly as it is. So better to update the Chrome Components to have a better search experience.Chrome Components update | Chrome Updates | Chrome Browser Tips

Google Chrome automatically updates its components to the latest version but sometimes due to the malware on your Windows PC/laptop chrome doesn’t update it regularly. All the updates happen background as you cannot see the updates and it happens automatically. If your plugins are not updated then you can update the plugins manually by following the steps mentioned in the article.

Steps to Update Chrome Components on your Windows PC/Laptop

Open the Google Chrome search engine on your Windows 10 Operating System and then click on the three vertical dots you see beside the URL box on the search engine. As you click on these dots you can see the options to edit the Google Chrome as New Tab, Settings, History, Downloads, Bookmarks, Zoom, Print, and much more. Click on the Settings option and then will be redirected to a new page to edit the settings available on the Google Chrome.

In this page, you can see the options like People, Appearance, Search Engine, Default Browser, On Startup, and About Chrome. Click on About Chrome to know the version of your Google Chrome Search engine. As you click on it, you can see the version of your Google Chrome as Version 29.0.1547.62.m and also you can see an option to Get help with Chrome and you can also Report an Issue.

So if you want to relaunch the Google Chrome, click on Relaunch option. Now your Google Chrome will relaunch again on your Windows 10 OS. As you restart you can see the latest version of Google Chrome.

How to Update Chrome Components Page on Google Chrome

Now you need to update the components available in the Google Chrome. So to update click on components page in Chrome and then Check for any updates available for your Chrome. Type chrome://components in the search engine and then you can see all the components available like Pepper_flash, switch Shader, CRLSet, Adobe Flash Player, and many other components. You can see Check for Update option below the components you see.

Chrome Components update | Chrome Updates | Chrome Browser Tips

Click on Abode Flash Player section update button to check all the updates available. As you click on it, the component will update. Each component has its own feature to apply to Google Chrome as Swift Shader which is a software 3D renderer which uses CSS 3D and WebGL on GPUS. Adobe Flash Player and Pepper Flash use Pepper API to run in Chrome. CRLSet, Certificate Revocation List is also used on the Chrome.

So these are the different components you use on the Google Chrome to have a save browser on your Windows PC/laptop.

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