What is Desktop Windows Manager (dwm.exe) and how to use it?


Desktop Windows Manager ( dwm.exe) – Did you ever hear about the Windows Maner in your Windows Operating System? and Did you ever think why it is running on your device? Yes, Windows Manager is a service from Microsoft which add effects to your desktop to look good and it runs continuously till you shutdown your device. So today am going to explain you all about the DWM or about dwm.exe in this article.Desktop Windows Manager | Task Manager | Windows Manager

What is Desktop Windows Manager?

Desktop Windows Manager is a Windows Manager tool which adds effects to your Windows Operating System like Transparent Windows, Live Taskbar, Flip3D, Resolutions, and much more. You can set any resolution you want to your Windows device and effects to your device. Windows also create a Composite view for your Windows screen before directly adding it to your Windows Desktop. Windows Manager also provides the animations as effects to add to your Windows Display.

Desktop Manager is necessary to run on your Windows PC/laptop because it adds the effects wic are necessary whenever required. Maybe sometimes you may face issues if you turn off the DWM. So better to have DWM Running on your Windows Operating System. But many users have asked me questions about Can I Turn Off DWM on my Windows Device?

Can you Turn off Desktop Windows Manager on Windows PC/laptop?

The answer is obviously NO. You cant turn off the DWM as it was controlled by the Microsoft on any Windows Operating System. As you cannot disable all the effects which are added to the desktop. Microsoft as added Desktop Windows Manager feature from Windows 7 Operating System and it has become the major part of the Windows to create the graphical user interface. As it as made huge difference ten Microsoft as decided to add the DWM in Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Microsoft has added much more resources to the DWM and added it to the Latest version of Windows Operating System. It wouldn’t affect you much if you use DWM and do not think about to turn off dwm.exe.

What Should you do if it uses much RAM and CPU?

Yes, DWM occupies much space on RAM and CPU if you run many apps on Windows Operating System. If Desktop Windows Manner eats 1% CPU and about 60 MB RAM then you need to cane some settings on your PC/laptop as

  • Update all the drivers on your Windows Operating System and especially the Video Card & Integrated graphics adapter driver.
  • DWM decrease its load if work on GPU on Windows.
  • Check if your device has any malware and if you find then remove it as soon as possible.

Can Desktop Windows Manager give Virus?

As it is a Windows Component, you cannot find any virus related issues. To check,  then Open the task manager and right click to open the file location. If the file is stored in the Windows\System32 folder then it is official Windows File.

Better do not try to turn off Desktop Windows Manager and be cool as it runs safely on the Windows Operating System.

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