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How to Change Chromes Default on Search Engine

How to change search engine on chrome – As you know Google Chrome is the best Search Engine Available for all users. Almost all users around the world prefer Google Chrome as their primary Search Engine on their device and you are one among them. Google Chrome provides as many features which makes the users use happily. Chrome interface is very simple and you can use sync all your data when you browse the internet when you Sign in using the mail Account. Chrome also allows you to change the default search engine and you can add any other search engine of your wish.How to Change Search Engine on Chrome | Google Chrome | Search Engine on Chrome

Interestingly Google Chromes default Search Engine is Google and it will be the first priority for the majority of users. But some of the users may wish to use other browsers on Chrome. So to change the default browser, you need to follow some steps involved in it. If you are new to Google Chrome then you can follow the steps mentioned below and then you can cane the default browser on your Google Chrome Search Engine.

Steps to Change the Default Browser on Google Chrome

To know which is your browser on your Google Chrome, enter the text which you want to search and then you can see the result is given by the browser. You can see the name of the browser besides the text you have entered.

If the browser is of your wish then you need not change the default browser. Else change the browser and then save the settings in Google Chrome. Changes are applied immediately to Google Chrome as you save.

Here are the simple steps that you wish to change the default browser on your Google Chrome on any of the devices you use.

  • Open the Google Chrome on your device and then you can see tree vertical dots beside the search box on Google Chrome.
  • Click on the dots and then you can see the options to edit the Google Chrome search engine.
  • You use all the options whenever required and then you can also use the settings tab on the Google Chrome to cane the settings.
  • As we want to cane the settings, Click on Settings. You will be redirected to a new page with all the editing options on Google Chrome.
  • Now under Settings Catoery, you can see Search Option which allows you to set which search engine is used when searching from URL box.
  • Click on the DropBox and then choose the search engine which is available on the list.

How to Change Search Engine on Chrome | Google Chrome | Search Engine on Chrome

  • If you want to add other search engines which are not on the list then click on Manage Search Engine.
  • Now paste the URL of the search engine you wish to add as default on Google Chrome.

Click on the URL you have entered and then choose it as Default. Now click on Done which below the tab which you have opened. You can also remove all other URLs which are unwanted on Google Chrome by clicking on the X on the right side of the link.

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