How to Delete Microsoft Account Permanently


How to delete Microsoft Account – Some or the other day you may not require the Microsoft account to use but you may not delete the account because of no time. But sometimes it may cause any issues or problem to your Microsoft Account, so better to remove the account if it is not necessary. If you do not know the exact steps to delete your Microsoft Account permanently then definitely you need to follow the complete article mentioned below.How to Delete Microsoft Account | Microsoft Account | Microsoft | Mail

Here in this article iam going to explain you about the process to delete your Microsoft account permanently from the Microsoft database. If you wish to delete it right now, then open your Microsoft account in the other tab and then apply the steps on your Microsoft Account parallelly while reading the article.

Steps to Delete Your Microsoft Account Permanently

So now you have come to remove your Microsoft Account from the Microsoft Website. If you have added your Microsoft Account to your Windows Operating System, then remove it before you remove it from the Microsoft Database. After deleting your account from your Windows PC/laptop, then go to Microsoft Login page. Login Microsoft Account using your Username and Password.

As you log in you can see all your personal information in it like Contacts, Files, Photos, and other valuable information. If you wish to delete them then delete else directly remove the account permanently. So if you wish to remove the data then you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • So if you want to remove your Microsoft Contacts then go to contacts and then unfriend them.
  • If you have any files in the database related to this Microsoft Account, then delete them.
  • If you subscribed to any of the applications associated with this account, unsubscribe them immediately.
  • Remove as alternative account if you have added to any other Microsoft Account.

So if you remember any of data to remove then remove it permanently. Now you need to follow the steps mentioned below to remove your Microsoft Account from the Microsoft Website. If you have any content related to this account then remove it and then remember that once you delete the account, you cannot reopen it again.

  •  Sign in to your Microsoft Account and then check all your personal information was removed or not.
  • Now navigate to Security and then scroll down to More Security Settings to delete your account.
  • Scroll down and then you can see an option to delete your account as Close My Account.
  • Click on it and select next. Review your account and check all the boxes in it.
  • You need to specify the reason to delete your account.
  • Select Mark account for Closure and then Click OK.

So by this way, you can remove your Microsoft Account permanently and make sure if you have no use for this Microsoft Account, then delete it else keep it aside.

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