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How to Permanently Disable Windows Defender 0 (0)

Disable Windows Defender | Disable Windows Defender in Windows PC | How to disable Windows Defender

Disable Windows Defender on Windows 10 OS – Here this article provides you the permanent solution to disable Windows Defender on your Windows 10 PC. Windows Defender is a free Antivirus software which Microsoft includes for all Windows Operating System. You can use Windows Defender as the security software on your …

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How to Install Android on Windows Phone 1 (1)

how to install android on windows phone | Android Windows | Android apps on windows phone

How to install android on windows phone– Are you any Windows Phone user and have an interest in Android and willing to use Android Mobile Phone? Then this would be a good news for you. And the good news is you can use Android OS on your Windows Phone easily and …

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How to Run Android Apps on Windows Phone 5 (1)

Android Apps on Windows Phone | Android | Windows Phone | Mobile Applications

Many users try out new experiences on their mobile devices like the different applications work on their device or not else to change the OS on their smartphone and try to install as many applications to use. So, even if you are one of those users and trying to install …

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How to Update Chrome Components 0 (0)

how to update chrome components

Almost all users prefer Google Chrome as their primary Search Engine while browsing the internet right? Did you ever think that how google chrome works more efficiently than other search engines? how to update chrome components. It is because of its plugins and the addons you use on Google Chrome. …

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Best way to delete a Microsoft Account 0 (0)

How to Delete Microsoft Account | Microsoft Account | Microsoft | Mail

Some of the other day you may not require the Microsoft account to use but you may not delete the account because of no time. But sometimes it may cause any issues or problems to your Microsoft Account, so, better to remove the account if it is not necessary. If …

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