Tweaks to Speed Up Your Windows 10 OS


How to speed up windows 10 – Many say that their system is not working properly or Windows Operating System is working very slow. Can you say the exact problem for this kind of issues right? So to make it easy to boost up your WindoOperatingtin System, I have written a complete guide to Speed Up your Windows Operating System and then some other tips to implement. If you are ready then parallelly apply the steps on your Windows PC or Laptop.Best Tips to Speed Up Your Windows 10 OS | How to Speed up Windows 10 | Windows 10 Speed Up

Use this tips and you can see an upgrade in the performance of your Windows Operating System and you will be surprised to see how fast does your Windows PC or Laptop work. Many users try to install or upgrade their Windows Operating System when its performance becomes slow but it’s not the right way to solve. So better to follow all other alternative methods mentioned below.

Tips to Speed Up Your Windows 10 Operating System

If you have a Windows Performace Troubleshooter tool on your Windows OS then you can use this tool to improve the performance of your OS. This would be the first solution you can use on your Windows PC/laptop.

#1. By Uninstalling CrapWare

There are many pre-installed applications when you install new Operating System. So when you start using new Operating System, all these application work in the background and then those application makes your Operating System work slow. Many process load when the OS starts and then performance decreases as RAM and CPU loads up. So uninstall the CrapWare if you ave on your Windows Operating System.

#2. By Limiting Startup Process on your Windows OS

You can see that as you start your Windows OS many programs & softwares starts their process in the background automatically. You can see all the running applications or softwares on MSCONFIG Utility tool on your Windows device which is in the Task Manager. You can also see all the complete details about whether the process is starting or not.

So now you can stop the process which is not required and then you can see improvement in your system performance.

#3. By Cleaning Up Your Disk

Open the Disk Clean Up from the Start Menu and then you can see all the applications and softwares which are available on the C drive. Now click on the checkbox and then click on the option like Clean Up System Files which is at the bottom of the window

Best Tips to Speed Up Your Windows 10 OS | How to Speed up Windows 10 | Windows 10 Speed Up

#4. By Addin RAM to your Windows Device

You can also increase your device RAM by using an external hardware. It simply means that you are upgrading your RAM on your Windows Device. By this, you can see improvement on your Windows System Performace.

Best Tips to Speed Up Your Windows 10 OS | How to Speed up Windows 10 | Windows 10 Speed Up

You can also use other alternatives methods like installing an SSD Startup Drive on your Windows Device and then you can see that the device works smoothly. Else you can check for any Antivirus or Spyware malware on your Windows OS which makes your Windows OS work slowly. You can use Anti Malware applications to protect your OS from the Virus and then reboot or restart your Windows PC/laptop.

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