How to Start Windows 10 Operating System in Safe Mode


How to Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode – It is very important to start on Windows Operating System in the safe mode because it saves us from Malicious Softwares, Applications and also from the virus. But many of the users do not start in the right way and download the applications and softwares on their Windows PC/Laptop. If you are regular to use PC/Laptop daily then you need to open your device in safe mode. Earlier we used to press F8 or Sift+F8 keys to open in safe mode while booting. But, as the start mode has become much easier, users started opening the device directly. It doesnt mean that you need to open it directly, but you need to open your device in safe in other ways. So if you early waiting to know the different ways to open your device in safe mode ten you need to read the complete article.How to Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode | Safe Mode | Windows 10

Different ways to open your Windows 10 Operating System in the Safe Mode

Remember that when you open your Windows Operating System in the safe mode, it opens only with minimal & essential services and with all the drivers required.

1#. By Using the System Configuration Tool ( Msconfig.exe)

This method is the easiest method to open the Windows Operating System in the Safe Mode. So to open the System Configuration tool, the simple method is to type msconfig.exe in the Run tab. If you are using the Windows 10 Operating System, you can use the other way as open Cortana and type System Configuration. Then in system configuration, Click on Boot label and check the Safe Boot option and click OK.

It asks you to restart your PC/Laptop to apply the changes and you can also see the option to Exit without restart wic you can click on it if you work pending on your device. So after restarting your Windows PC/laptop, you will be into safe mode of Windows Operating System.

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2#. By Using Shift + Restart Combination

Press Shift + Restart button on your Windows Operating System to open in safe mode. Open Start Menu in the Windows 10 and you can see power button click on it and you can see Restart option. Press Shift and then click on Restart Option to shift to the safe mode. If you are using the other Windows Operating System then go to settings and then power options to choose restart option.

You can also use this keys in the Sign In the page of the Windows PC/Laptop. So as you do this you will be asked to choose the option among Continue, Troubleshoot, Turn off your PC. Click on Troubleshoot and then Advanced options > Startup Settings. Now in StartUp Settings Click on Restart. To enable the Safe Mode, Press F4 key on your keyboard and to enable Safe Mode with Networking press F5 and to enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt press F6.

You can also use the Settings App to access the Recovery options and you can also Boot from the recovery drive to open the Windows Operating System in the safe mode. All these options are available in any of the Windows Operating systems and you can choose of the methods to apply.

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