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Fix Windows 10 PC/Laptop Keyboard Not Working Issue

Windows 10 PC/Laptop Keyboard Not Working Issue – To fix this kind of issues you need to download the tool which helps you to fix the issue immediately. Yes, there are many tools to help you to fix the issue but choose the better one like ReimagePlus which is 100% safe to download. ReimagePlus helps you to protect fro Virus, malware, Hardware failure, and also optimize your PC to give you the best performance. ReimagePlus also fixes any issues which are related to your Windows Operating System. If you wish to download it then download the original software from the official website.Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working | Windows 10 | Windows 10 Keyword Issue

Download the ReimagePlus on your Windows PC/laptop and then click on StartScan which helps you to find the error related to the issue. Wait for few minutes for a complete scan of your PC/laptop and then it will display all the issues then Click on Repair All to fix the issues immediately. As you all know Windows 10 Operating System is the best Operating System right now which has millions of users all around the world. But sometimes you may face issues with it like your Windows Laptop keyboard does not work properly or like PC stopped working or else any other issues. If the keyboard is not working then that would be a major problem to use your system. So if you are waiting to fix the issue then follow the steps mentioned below to fix it immediately.

Laptop Keyboard not working on Windows 10 – How to fix it?

Method 1# By Uninstalling Synaptics Drivers

Yes, sometimes due to old drivers on your Windows PC/laptop your keyboard may not work properly. So uninstall the old driver like Synaptics driver which is fully incompatible with Windows 10 OS. So to uninstall follow the steps mentioned.

  • Open the Device Manager from the Power Menu option and then scroll down to see the Synaptics driver.
  • As you see Synaptics driver then right click on it and then you can see options like Update driver Software, Uninstall, Scan for hardware changes and Properties. Click on Uninstall.
  • Now click on Delete the driver software for this device and Click OK.

After complete delete, Restart your Windows PC/laptop and then check whether your Windows Keyboard is working or not. When you restart a default driver will be installed on your Windows OS. Some of them might suggest you uninstall HID Keyboard touchpad and mouse drivers from your PC/laptop. If you want to try then you can but be careful while uninstalling.

Method 2# By Updating your Keyboard/Trackpad drivers

Sometimes you might not update your Keyboard drivers and then you may issue with it. Then check the keyboard drivers and then if they need any update the update them immediately. If your Windows 10 Operating System required any additional drivers then install them and then download the keyboard and trackpad drivers of your PC/Laptop.

Update the drivers manually or else you can use the tools which are available for your Windows 10 Operating System which is 100% safe.

Check both the methods and try to fix the issue on your Windows 10 Operating System.

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