Windows 10

chrome remote desktop not working 0 (0)

windows 10 remote desktop not working | Remote Desktop | Windows 10

Chrome Remote Desktop not Working As you know Remote Desktop plays a prominent role in sharing the data between two computers and you can access the other computer from your computer screen. Remote Desktop technology as made us control another computer from our computer and you can also copy the …

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How to Add Startup Programs in Windows 10 0 (0)

How to Add a Program to Startup windows 10 | Add a Program to Startup | Startup Programs in Windows 10 | Windows 10 Startup Programs | How to add a Program to Startup in Windows 10 | Windows Startup Programs

How to Add a Program to Startup windows 10 – You can see that many applications and programs run in the background when you to try to start your Windows 10 Operating System, in the Task Manager. If you are new to this then you can open the Task Manager and then look …

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How to Uninstall Programs on Windows 10 0 (0)

how to uninstall programs on windows 10 | Uninstall Program | Windows 10 | Delete Program

How to uninstall programs on Windows 10 It is very important to delete all the unwanted files, software, and applications on any of the Operating System. So, as you know Windows users are facing many issues and they couldn’t able to delete the files, software, and applications on their Windows …

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How to Fix Slow Computer Windows 10 0 (0)

Windows 10 Slow After Update | Windows 10 Issues

How to Fix Slow Computer Windows 10 Sometimes it becomes difficult to use Windows Operating System after a specific update right? This error or an issue is due to settings or any file which makes your PC performance to decrease. So, if you are facing such kind of issue after …

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How to speed up windows 10 0 (0)

Best Tips to Speed Up Your Windows 10 OS | How to Speed up Windows 10 | Windows 10 Speed Up

How to speed up windows 10 Many say that their system is not working properly or Windows Operating System is working very slow. Can you say the exact problem for this kind of issue right? So, to make it easy to boost up your Windows Operating System, I have written …

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how to dual boot windows 10 and linux 5 (1)

Dual Boot Windows 10 OS | Windows 10 | Windows 10 Booting

How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and Linux Did you ever try to use Dual Operating System on your PC/Laptop? Yes, this article explains to you a complete guide to using more than one Operating System on your computer as you can switch between the Operating System easily. Microsoft provides …

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